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Check in to hotels without passport

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Service summary

Bringing you a new style of Japanese tourism

Complete tiresome tasks such as payments and hotel check-ins instantaneously with just a touch of your finger. "Touch&Pay" relieves the stress of travel and helps you have an even more enjoyable trip.


The areas where this service can be used are expanding all over Japan

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Service usage examples

Fingerprint payment at a beach club

At Lenovo House, a beach club in Yuigahama, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture, you can pay for services with fingerprint authentication. Install "Touch&Pay". Since you can pay for things like food, drinks, and rental equipment with your baggage and wallet safely stowed in a locker, it's extremely safe! You can enjoy your time at the beach without worrying about your cash and credit cards getting lost or stolen.


Fingerprint payment at hot-spring hotels

Even at long-established hotels that you only stop by for short visits, Touch&Pay’s fingerprint authentication allows you to check-in quickly and easily without having to enter your details into the hotel register. Even if you buy a lot of souvenirs and your bulging bags make it difficult to take out your wallet when it comes time to pay, don’t worry. With Touch&Pay, you can quickly and easily settle payments. Why not go for a stroll around a spa town without luggage for a change?


Baggage-free onsen tours

At Yunoyama Onsen, by completing registration at your hotel and registering the coupons issued by the hotel to your fingerprint, you can use these coupons without having to bring anything along. If you pay using these “Finger Coupons,” you can get a variety of perks such as discounts and free drinks.


Plans to gradually expand services

Smart coin-lockers

A service that allows you to deposit large pieces of luggage such as suitcases and backpacks at our stores, enabling you to enjoy baggage-free sightseeing with just the bare essentials. If you register your personal ID on Touch&Pay in advance, you can deposit your bags without needing a deposit slip that can be time-consuming to fill out.


Smart delivery

Register your home or hotel address in advance on the website or at an airport or tourist information office, and you can send parcels from hotels and souvenir shops by simply scanning your fingerprint and tapping the desired delivery address.


Duty-free procedures

By registering your passport information and fingerprints at the airport, you can complete duty-free procedures with a simple fingerprint authentication, even if you buy a lot of things at various places (registered Touch&Pay stores) during the course of your trip.


Fingerprint registration is required in order to be able to use fingerprint payment in Japan.

To see businesses that accept Touch&Pay, please check "JapanVoyageNavigator".

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