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How to Register

1. Register for free on the WEBsite

2. Add a photo of your passport on the "My Page" WEBpage

3. Register your fingerprint at a Touch&Pay Alliance location

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Frequently-Asked Questions


☞ What is this payment service?

Touch&Pay utilizes the Liquid payment system. The Liquid payment system simplifies a variety of processes for travelers from both Japan and overseas during their stays, resulting in a smoother, stress-free experience.


☞ Can I use the Touch&Pay service just by registering on the WEB?

Fingerprint registration is required in order to use the Touch&Pay service. Touch&Pay registration in order to use some service features.


☞ Is fingerprint registration safe and secure?

The information needed to recognize your fingerprint is stored as a set of characteristics, such as the ends and branches in your fingerprint ridges. The fingerprint itself is not stored. (The characteristics that are stored are digitally encrypted.)
Since it is technically impossible to reconstruct a fingerprint using only data such as these end points and branches, the data cannot be used for illegitimate purposes. (The technology has passed security testing at major financial institutions.)


☞ What is biometric (fingerprint) authentication?

Biometric authentication refers to methods of authentication that can identify an individual based on his or her body characteristics (such as fingerprints, veins or irises). Special devices are used to read in data from individual's body and allow a machine to recognize the individual.

This effective means of authentication is usable only by the individual in question and carries no risks such as that of forgetting a password or losing a key.


☞ Notes about Touch&Pay

1. Fingerprint coupons are valid for a period of six months after issue. Fingerprint coupons issued with lodging packages and those that have been loaded with cash at locations such as hotels can be used for a period of six months, in accordance with Japanese law. After six months, the fingerprint coupon will no longer be valid, so please make sure to plan in advance.

2.When paying with Touch&Pay, your fingerprint coupons charged with cash will be used by default. When paying with Touch&Pay, if there is insufficient remaining balance on your fingerprint coupons, other payment methods (such as your credit card) will be used by default. In addition, if multiple credit cards have been registered as alternatives to paying with a fingerprint coupon or when paying at a location that supports payment via convenience store transfer, you will be able to change the payment order.


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